Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Saturday December 20th

Sorry I've put off updating the blog. Last Saturday Joe and I fished the Catoma tournament here locally. There was scattered rain in the forecast for the whole tournament and the high was around 55. We got to our first spot of the morning at around 7 and we found hybrids, spotted bass, and a few largemouth schooling back in a cove. We caught our limit in 15 minutes, but no fish over a couple of pounds. We couldn't believe we were catching schooling fish in the middle of December. It was unreal. We saw some bigger fish come up and boil but we couldn't get them to bite. We spent the next five hours searching for a bigger bite on the rest of the lake and caught nothing to help. The only fish that might have helped, Joe broke off on in a treetop. We spent the last two hours of the tournament fishing the cove we started off in thoroughly. I had probably a three or four pound bass on in the back of a run in but he shook the treble hooks on my crainkbait. Joe decided to head back into the very back of that cove where the current really picked up. He had a five pound bass miss his chatterbait, then lost a fish that he hooked over a laydown. It was just not our day... We ended up with about ten pounds of fish and the winner(Bryan and Adam) had 19.90. We weren't even close...
Tough Day

Tight Lines,


Matt. 4:18

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