Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dad's Day To Shine

My dad took off of work today and decided to go fish at Guntersville with me. This is really special for me because he works all the time and I go to school in Birmingham so we hardly ever have time to spend together between just the two of us. It was raining fairly hard this morning at around six and I wanted dad to get a little rest on his day off so we ended up leaving around 7:15. We got to Waterfront at around 8:00. The fog was UNREAL! The visibility on the road was probably 1/8 mile and half of that on the water. We made our way up to our first spot traveling at a blistering speed of 15mph. Not that the fog wasn't bad enough, but we had to constantly dodge floating timber in the middle of the lake. When I say timber I don't mean a stick, but rather a full sized pine tree. With the water being at or a little above full pool, all of the wood and trash from bank moves into the lake. After these hard rains the TVA will open up all of the flood gates which will give Guntersville as much of a current as it will ever have. This is what pulls all of this floating trash to the main channel and down the lake. We finally got to our first spot and began chunking our lipless crankbaits. I caught a small 13" bass to start the morning off as we moved down the bank. A few minutes later dad hooked into his first fish of the morning(2lbs 8oz). Only about ten casts later he caught a 4lb 10oz fish. He was fired up saying that this was probably the biggest fish he's hooked in a while. We fished on down the rest of the bank and I caught one more under. We went through a lull without a bite for about an hour. A duck boat had driven right over the spot where dad caught his fish but I still told dad that I wouldn't be surprised if we caught more fish off of that same spot because the bass out there are so stacked right now. Of course, as soon as we got back to that area dad hooked into a 5lb 12oz hog. I was so pumped that dad had so much fun out there today. I almost felt like I caught all of those fish. Can't wait to hit the water again tomorrow!

Tight Lines,


Matt. 4:18

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