Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pond Fishing

Joe and I headed to a local pond that we know has at least a couple of fish around 15lbs in it. The same people who helped to make a couple of Ray Scott's ponds, designed this one. Jordan has gone twice before and on one trip caught an 11lb 14oz slaunch and on the second caught an 8 and a 9. OF COURSE the one time we go together we only catch three fish. All of them were over 4 1/2 lbs, but no toads.. oh well, we'll have to wait until next time.
Joe and I are starting to notice that every time we get some warmer weather the fish don't bite as well. I guess because they are stunned just as much as we are that it is 75 degrees at Christmas. We caught our fish on an XR75 and a 10 1/2" Tequila Sunrise colored Zoom worm.




Matt. 4:18

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