Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lake Catoma

Got to go out to a small local lake this morning. I got on the water at around 6:30am and fished until 10:30am. This lake is the drinking source for Cullman. A week ago the lake levels were almost 10-15ft below full pool. This morning the lake was almost a foot over full pool. I thought that the lake levels rising this drastically had to pull some fish up shallow. I had also heard of other people catching bass shallow, so what did I do... Pound the banks. This really paid off.. NOT I ended up catching one fish and missing one. The fish I caught I caught on a Zappu Jighead Inch Wacky from The fish I missed was suspended in a treetop sitting in about 10 feet of water. Maybe the bass are still deep.. who knows. We have a tournament out there Saturday so I guess we'll see how that turns out.

I'm making a prediction that soon we will see jigheads like the Zappu Jighead Inch Wacky will almost replace the much used shaky head. To me I believe this wacky rigged worm just entices the bass into striking a little more than the typical weedless rig of the shaky head.

Check out these tungsten jigheads at At first glance you might think that the price of these are rather high but all of the purchases contain multiple packs and you will not find these tungsten jigheads for a better price.

Heading out to Guntersville tomorrow with my dad. Not expecting to catch many, but maybe I'll get a bear-man-pig.

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Matt. 4:18

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