Sunday, December 14, 2008

B.I.T.E. Tournament 2

8th Place - $260

A dense fog set in the morning of the tournament which postponed the launch until about 8:30. With a sweet spot in mind that we caught a 7 1/2 off of yesterday, we went into the day knowing we were gonna fish this spot as hard as we could. We got to the spot and Jordan hooked into a 4 1/2 lb bass. We fished pass the spot then immediately came right back to it-another big bass ( 5.90 lbs ). We kept fishing down the 100 yard stretch of bank then turned around to head back toward our 10 yard long honey hole. I hooked into 3 1/2 pounder right when our arrow on the GPS hit the marked spot. We ended up letting the spot rest for about an hour. Without any luck anywhere else we came back to the spot. Jordan caught two 2 1/2 pounders back-to-back to give us somewhere around 18lbs. As the day pushed farther along, the fish size began to decrease. We caught a few more but no big ones. Weigh-in was pushed back to 4:00pm and it was now about 2:30. We decided to go fish fairly close to the place we had launched out of at Goose Pond. Because of the hard rains the days before and the amount of current that the TVA was pulling out the water was really muddy. Visibility was probably under a foot. This didn't help matters. We ended up not catching any more keepers and headed into the weigh-in with a decent bag of fish. When we checked in 20lbs was leading at 17 1/2 was in second. We were in the last flight to weigh-in but the first in our flight. We weighed in with 18.27, holding down second place. After the rest of the flight finished up weighing in we depressingly got pushed down to eighth-last spot in the money. We won $260 so overall we called it a successful day.

We caught our fish on a XCalibur XR50 Sexy Shad Lipless Crankbait. We never set this lure down all day making thousands of casts. It will take a toll on you throwing this in the grass at Guntersville, but with the fish you catch it is very rewarding.

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