Friday, June 26, 2009

Holly Pond Tournament

May 23, 2008

Fished the Holly Pond tournament today with my brother Jordan ( who by the way is in FIRST place in the AOY Standings for the Alabama North series of the weekend series! Go Get Em JOE!! ) . We knew we were on some fish for this tournament and should have had over 25lbs easy. Of course it is always the "should have" and "what if." Well.. we started off at our first spot where we thought we would just wack 'em. The fish had started to spread out with TVA not pulling as much current and so the day proved to be a little tougher than expected. We ended up with just under 18lbs and had a 4+lb fish hit the boat and come off and I lost a 6+lb fish on a custom painted D22 from It would have been real nice to weigh in those two fish especially after it only took 19.89 to win it. Third place was ok for the kind of luck we had. Looking to improve on the next trip.

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