Sunday, March 15, 2009


As you might already know I attend Birmingham-Southern. It's a small liberal arts school in Alabama. We have a 4-1-4 semester system which allows students to take the full month of January to take a single class, travel abroad, or contract their own course. Well, me and three of my buddies decided that we should study BBQ in the South. You might be wondering how in the world this could be academic... It was going to be a writing intensive course and my main job would be to design the website. We took off on our trip and made it to 19 restaurants in 17 days, traveling to five states, and over 3500 miles. It was awesome. Little did we know how much media attention we would receive... We have had the pleasure of being on Good Day Alabama, Fox 5 Atlanta, and even Fox and Friends in NEW YORK!!! We have also been in over 200 newspapers worldwide... Crazy.. I know right. Just a few days after getting back to Birmingham, school started again. On top of that I have been working on a final barbecue paper, trying to balance a budget as Treasurer of my fraternity, and trying to start a fishing club. And on top of that, trying to find some free time to fish, update my website, and keep up with my blog.

I apologize for me neglecting the blog. Totally my fault! I'll do a much better job from now on.

You can check out me and the boys' BBQ adventure on our website!

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